Drew Roy

Drew Roy

The Last Ship ♦ Falling Skies ♦ Hannah Montana ♦ iCarly ♦ Secretariat ♦ Greek ♦ Lincoln Heights

DREW ROY is certainly one of Hollywood’s young male actors to watch. He currently stars with Noah Wyle in Steven Spielberg’s FALLING SKIES for TNT. Recently, he was seen on the big screen playing the role of Seth Hancock alongside Diane Lane and John Malkovich in SECRETARIAT.

Roy has captured the hearts of many young ladies with his significant arc in the final season of HANNAH MONTANA playing the love interest of MILEY CYRUS. Additional credits include guest starring roles on GREEK, LINCOLN HEIGHTS and iCARLY.

Roy was discovered at an event in Atlanta where he decided to pursue an acting career full time. He made the move to Los Angeles, along with five of his best friends, who were in a band. Although his friends became disenchanted with the lifestyle in LA, ROY was determined to “make it” in Hollywood and persevered the initial loneliness and held onto the belief in his talent and work ethic. With this kind of tenacity, he focused on acting classes and with some luck and a lot of preparation, he is able to do what he loves for a living.

Roy is currently on location in Vancouver shooting the second season of FALLING SKIES. He resides in Los Angeles.



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