Linden Ashby

Linden Ashby

Teen Wolf ♦ Mortal Kombat ♦ Melrose Place ♦ The Gates ♦ Wyatt Earp ♦ Prom Night ♦ Resident Evil Extinction

Linden Ashby is the definition of a leading man. For over a quarter of a century his rugged all American looks and unique talent have been a constant presence on both large and small screens around the world. Linden was last seen as one of the stars of THE PERFECT BOSS which which aired on the LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) on Friday, May 24th at 8:00 P.M. ET/PT. On June 3rd Linden returned to the third season of MTV’s hit television show TEEN WOLF as “Sheriff Stilinski”. Linden also recurs on ARMY WIVES. Fans instantly recognize Linden from past hit television shows including MELROSE PLACE and THE GATES, as well as blockbuster films such as WYATT EARP and MORTAL KOMBAT.

 A native of Florida, Linden grew up in the small town of Atlantic Beach, where his love of the ocean and all that it offered was born and nurtured . He surfed constantly and competitively in his youth, receiving multiple invitations to compete in the “East Coast Surfing Championships” held annually at Cape Haters in North Carolina. When the waves were flat he filled his days with motorcycles, skateboards, horses, power boats, and anything else that could move, bounce, spin, or provided a thrill. Linden left the coast to attended College in Durango Colorado where he discovered a few more things to love, namely the Rocky Mountains, skiing, rock climbing, and most importantly of all- he discovered acting. His course was set, and he left Colorado to study acting at the prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse School in NYC under the direction of Sanford Meisner.

His first break came on the ABC daytime soap opera, LOVING, where he met his beautiful wife, Susan Walters.   Susan and Linden moved to LA where within three weeks of arriving he landed the role of “Lance Reventlow” Farah Fawcett’s son in the Golden Globe winning mini-series POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL, THE BARBARA HUTTON STORY. Over the past three decades, Linden has appeared in over 50 films including WYATT EARP opposite Kevin Costner, MORTAL KOMBAT, PROM NIGHT, 8 SECONDS, and RESIDENT EVIL EXTINCTION with his dear friend Milla Jovovitch.

Linden and Susan have been happily married for 26 years and have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Grace and Savannah. Susan currently co-stars as “Mayor Carol Lockwood” on the CW’s popular series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The couple lives in Roswell, Georgia, with a house full of motorcycles, soccer gear, and a menagerie of animals that would make Noah blush. Linden is also a student of various martial arts including Karate, Tae Kwan Do, and Wing Chun, and though he’s land locked in Georgia, he always keeps an eye on the weather charts. At the drop of a hat (or a millibar), he’s been known to faithfully/fanatically race across state lines, time zones, oceans and seas, to be on a given beach at a given time, when hopefully, the waves arrive.



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