Paul Campbell

Paul Campbell

Battlestar Galactica  ♦  Knight Rider (2008)  ♦  Smallville  ♦  Andromeda  ♦  Dead Zone  ♦  Almost Heroes

Canadian actor Paul Campbell was born on June 22, 1979 in Vancouver, Canada. A boisterous kid during his school days, he was discovered by a talent agent after playing the role of the herald in a production of Cinderella staged by the theater school he attended. This led to his first screen appearance, playing a role in an episode of the horror series The Dead Zone. He continued appearing on television, playing roles in John Doe, Black Sash and Andromeda, and in the television film We’ll Meet Again.

Campbell gained recognition when he was cast in the three-hour reimagination of the 1978 science fiction series Battlestar Galactica. He played the role of Billy Keikeya, a government officer who worked under Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell) especially when she was forced to take over the presidency. The 2003 miniseries served as the backdoor pilot for a new television series, which premiered in 2004. He reprised his earlier role from the program’s premiere, but was killed by terrorists late into the second season because he couldn’t commit to a five-year contract.

Campbell made his film debut in 2004, in an uncredited role in the film The Perfect Score. While appearing on Battlestar Galactica, he starred in the films Ill Fated, The Long Weekend and Severed, and had a guest role on Smallville. He also starred in a television pilot, for the comedy Nobody’s Watching, where he appeared with Taran Killam. Shot in a mockumentary style similar to The Office, the series was not picked up by different networks. It proved successful, however, to audiences after the pilot (which was rejected by the WB) was leaked on the Internet, and later, when NBC commissioned web-only episodes for the program.

He recently starred in the NBC remake of Knight Rider and the TV movies Killer Mountain and Bond of Silence.



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